Wholeness and Harmony
We provide bespoke magick services and products that create harmony of mind, body and spirit.
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Live Powerfully
We assist in reclaiming your power through healthful practices and proven, sanctioned wisdom.
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Modern Urban Sorcery
We provide Old World magick solutions for overcoming contemporary obstacles.
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We fuse ancient, traditional Magick practices and techniques to bring about increased power to manifest the reality we desire.


Our ready-made and made-to-order Magickal products aid in cultivating a life of wholeness, health, power and protection.


We provide bespoke life coaching to those seeking release from negative cycles through cultivation of healthful, powerful practices.

Bespoke Services

Magick spells are created – bespoke for you – as a conscious and intent-filled exercise in gathering and directing positive, powerful energy towards manifesting a desired outcome.

Bespoke rituals and ceremonies are designed and executed for the purpose of cultivating potent and powerful group energy with the intention of achieving Super Radiance.

Powerful, bespoke magickal mantras are created to increase peace and power, elevate mood, cultivate creativity and achieve freedom from negative and limiting thought patterns.

As words are the building blocks of reality as we know it, we create powerful and meaningful word arrangements intended to aid in transformation and visualization of positive change.

Therapeutic Essential Oils
We Provide In-Stock and Bespoke Vegan, Organic oil bends, mists, bath melts and sugar scrubs to enhance physical health and well being.
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Power-Charged Charms
We Provide In-Stock and Bespoke magickal charms infused with intent-filled power and energy to revitalize energy and inspire practice.
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Powerful, Protective Amulets
We Provide In-Stock and Bespoke amulets used for protection and inspiration to achieve personal, career and spiritual goals.
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All products created by Bespoke Sorcery are crafted and formulated environmentally and substainably,