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A Coalescence of
Nature’s Essence
Herbs Impart
A Vibrant Spirit
and Healthful Heart

Vegan Organic Steam Distilled 100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils

“Essential oils may be understood as the lifeblood of a plant.” ~ Judika Illes

Essential oils are the same oils used by plants to remain fortified, vibrant, and magickal. This oil is the very essence of the plant … namely the plant’s “essential oil” of life. It can be extracted from the root, bark, stems, twigs, leaves, flowers or fruit of the plant.

Only steam-distilled essential oils are 100% pure and healing. Just as plants can nurture our bodies as food, plant oils (if used safely and correctly) can nurture us psychologically, physiologically, spiritually and, of course, magickally.

To some degree, all essential oils are antiseptic, antiviral and anti-bacterial. Essential oils will heal us on the physical, emotional and spiritual plane.

I can create a bespoke blend for you based on your condition or desire that you wish to manifest. I will create a tailor-made scent developed perfectly to support you in achieving whatever outcome you wish. This blend can be applied to any of my products. Contact me to set up an appointment and consultation to develop your bespoke scent.

I have created a line of enchanted health and beauty products, which are appropriately formulated with my own essential oil blends. They can be used for both magickal and healing practices. Each formula is accompanied with a mantra specific for that specific oil blend. Recite the mantra and visualize your goal while you use these products. 

Six Magickal Health & Beauty Blends

Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oil Blends are prepared in a ritual setting to cultivate power for the user. They are alchemical magic created by me with specific intent for magical, emotional, spiritual and physical purposes. I use 100% pure & certified organic Jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis) which is cold pressed and unrefined (Virgin) as my carrier oil. Essential oils are diluted to 1.5% within a 30 ml (1oz) bottle. They are stored within a dark blue cobalt bottle to protect the oil and extend its longevity. Please store in a dark, cool area.

Jojoba oil has rich fatty acids with revitalize the skin. Because the chemical structure of Jojoba oil is very similar to human oils, our skin drinks it in. It will neither clog your pores nor leave your skin greasy. Jojoba can repair skin damage and renew our skins cells.

These essential oil blends are perfect for anointments during rituals and routine skin care. They are also ideal for meditation and personal spells to achieve goals.  I recommend applying to specific and strategic areas 4-6 drops at a time. Before first use dabble a little on your wrist to check for allergic reaction.

Bath Melts​

Baths – the very act of cleansing our bodies – are rituals unto themselves.

Bath Melts provide your body and skin with a nourishing, nutrient-rich soak that will cleanse, empower and purify you both physically as well as energetically.

Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus amygdalus dulcis) is the carrier oil for these safe and organic essential oils. Almond oil has a smooth, rich, skin-nurturing consistency that will soften, nourish and protect your skin.

Fortified with real flower petals for extra essence of beauty, be present as these melts separate you from your tensions and worries. Soak in a bath for 20-30 minutes for optimal effect. Recite the mantra for the blend you chose to empower the bath.

A semi-precious stone, placed in the center, adds a special touch of magick to your bath ritual. Whatever medicine it provides is the healing you need!

Aromatherapy Mists​

Aromatherapy Mists contain essential oils diluted in reverse osmosis purified water at a 4% dilution. These mists are prepared in a ritual setting and fortified with energy and intent. Aromatherapy mists can be used to affect the air of your space and can be used topically.

Fragrance and the sense of smell is a vital component to healing and magick. Aromatherapy, when used ritualistically, can assist in breaking negative thought cycles that cause anxiety and depressive moods. It can improve sleep and provide significant positive psychological and physiological effects.

My mists are stored in dark blue cobalt bottles to protect and preserve the essential oils and should be stored in a cool, dark area.

Sugar Scrubs

Sugar Scrubs are prepared by hand in a ritualistic and intentful setting.

Although sugar is not optimal for internal consumption, it can do wonders for ones external health and vibrance. Sugar is a natural humectant; it will naturally hydrate skin and retain environmental moisture. Sugar is also a natural source of glycolic acid, which generates fresher, more revitalized skin at a faster pace. Small sugar particles make it an excellent exfoliate to assist in removing dead skin cells.

Sugar scrubs are ideal for purifying bath rituals or for daily health practices.

All sugar scrub ingredients are 100% organic, vegan, non-gmo and biodegradable.

All products created by Bespoke Sorcery are crafted and formulated environmentally and substainably,