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Rituals are ceremonies performed with intent at a specific time, at a specific place, meant to bring about specific change.

Rituals are performed annually, daily or as a one-off ceremony performed by an individual or a group.

If executed successfully, rituals will build energy and aid the practitioner(s) in manifesting their desired change. Rituals can also be performed to honor a deity or deepen a bond between a group of two or more individuals.

Many rituals are planned for specific cycles of the moon or changes in the season. Different energies reign more powerfully depending on the time of year. This energy can maximize the power of a ritual.
For instance, in old folk magick, purification rituals were performed before and after harvests to build positive collective energy of the farmers and to focus their intent towards a bountiful yield. Love rituals were performed on new moons to signify the beginning of a new cycle in the lives of the practitioners.
A Ritual can be as simple or complex depending on the needs of the practitioner. It can be as simple as a group of people standing in circle – holding hands and chanting or as complex as an individual performing a series of spells during a full moon to bring about an influx of prosperity.
With my Ritual Service I will design and develop individual or group rituals with sacred tools focused on the specific intent and end you desire.

Ritual Celebration

For groups of all sizes I offer a service of producing a Ritual Celebration. This includes design, development and execution of the ritual

The purpose of these celebrations is to build group energy towards a magickal goal while simultaneously blessing a sacred space. These can only be done in private spaces – such as a home, a yard or rented vacation spot. 

Clients can use my carefully designed questionnaire to determine the goal of their Ritual Celebration or develop that goal on their own.

I will then develop a series of clues in the form of short poems and/or mantras that will lead you to destinations throughout this predetermined space. Here at these locations you will find sacred tools such as crystals, essential oils, amulets or incense as well as the next clue to your next tool.

These tools are collected and subsequently utilized in the ultimate and final ritual.

This service includes an initial inspection of the space, as well as the setup and time spent gathering the bespoke scared tools. This includes development of bespoke clues to various locations and an original ritual put together specifically for you and your celebration. 
Additional poem-clues and sacred tools such as amulets and charms can be purchased to be incorporated in to your ritual.
Contact me today for an estimate and details.
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