Bespoke Sorcery

Spellbinding Solutions to
Inspire Life’s Revolutions


Have you a desire to make manifest or a problem to resolve? I provide bespoke Spell Consulting. I will meet with you for an in-depth consultation to gather relevant information to understand your wants. I will reference this to develop a bespoke spell with sacred tools for your use. ~ Learn More


With Ritual Consulting we meet to discuss your needs and purpose of the ritual. I will develop a bespoke ritual along with the sacred tools needed to perform the rite. I also develop Ritual Celebrations designed at your sacred space for group connection, mirth and magick. ~ Learn More


Mantras reinforce daily practice, to cultivate an ideal state of mind or to break free from negative thoughts. I provide Bespoke Mantras beginning with a consultation to discuss your needs. I will provide a series of mantras and ideas to implement into daily practice.  ~ Learn More


Poems are a powerful means to express an understanding that words alone cannot convey. With Poems Consulting we meet to discuss your needs. I will create a simple spell in the form of a poem along with sacred tools to aid you achieve what you desire. ~ Learn More

Therapeutic Essential Oils
We Provide In-Stock and Bespoke Vegan, Organic oil bends, mists, bath melts and sugar scrubs to enhance physical health and well being.
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Power-Charged Charms
We Provide In-Stock and Bespoke magickal charms infused with intent-filled power and energy to revitalize energy and inspire practice.
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Powerful, Protective Amulets
We Provide In-Stock and Bespoke amulets used for protection and inspiration to achieve personal, career and spiritual goals.
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