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Spells for Wellbeing
“Wishes” and “Prayers”
the Soul’s Protection
from Life’s Oppression

Magick spells represent a conscious effort to gather and direct energy towards manifesting a goal or desire.

The magick practitioner is a catalyst, activating the energy of a spell through sacred tools such as amulets and charms, strengthened by good thought and intent.
The more positive power we build through daily spiritual practice – the more effective our spells will be in manifesting accurately, quickly and profoundly.
At Bespoke Sorcery we work in Light Magick exclusively. Our spells are based in love, health, peace, compassion and understanding.
It is up to us to cast Magick in our lives on a daily basis.

What are Sacred Tools?

Sacred Tools are typically objects charged with magickal energy. They serve as conduits to magnify and intensify the power of both the spells and the practitioner.

We Provide these Sacred Tools

Spells are most effective for practitioners who have gathered personal power.
They should have clear visualizations and unwavering intent about their goals.

How Does One Gather Personal Power?

Personal power is gathered through every-day acts, both seemingly trivial and meaningful. These practices – and choices we make – lead to health, mindfulness, presence, serenity and love … or their opposite.

Power grabs range from “menial” tasks such as making our beds, to pivotal lifestyle changes like practicing honesty and authenticity in our daily interactions. Personal power can also be cultivated through discipline, such as daily reading, diligent practice of a musical instrument or yoga.


I create two different types of magickal spells:


Conjuring spells gather power/energy for the practitioner who is working toward a goal. Sacred tools are used to align our vibrations with the frequency of our desired outcome.  


Projecting spells direct power and energy through sacred tools and intent towards the purpose of affecting the building blocks of that practitioner’s reality.

With these services we meet in consultation to discuss the kind of change and transformation you are seeking in your life. I will then create a bespoke spell with the sacred tools you need to manifest your goal. Some spells are “one off” and other spells can be used regularly.
Prices for these services vary from client to client and are available upon request. Contact Me today!
Therapeutic Essential Oils
We Provide In-Stock and Bespoke Vegan, Organic oil bends, mists, bath melts and sugar scrubs to enhance physical health and well being.
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Power-Charged Charms
We Provide In-Stock and Bespoke magickal charms infused with intent-filled power and energy to revitalize energy and inspire practice.
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Powerful, Protective Amulets
We Provide In-Stock and Bespoke amulets used for protection and inspiration to achieve personal, career and spiritual goals.
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