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Welcome to Bespoke Sorcery: Magick Made for You! Bespoke Sorcery is an exploration of modern folk magick. Folk magick is the practice of utilizing sacred tools in spells or rituals in order to build power towards manifesting a specific goal in life.  “Bespoke” is defined as “custom made”.

To practice magick is to practice self-transformation, for the very purpose of “magick” is change.

My purpose is to provide clients with magickal products, services and information tailor-made and individualized for you and your unique story. Within these pages are the tools and insight we all seek to live a life rich in love, purpose, creativity and magick.

I am Lance Frantzich, and I am a practitioner of modern, progressive Sorcery. Sorcery is the practice of attaining presence and personal power through doing. Power-building leads to lucidity, which enables clarity and the courage to dispel fear and increase willpower to action. With action driven by will, what we intend and desire is manifest in the outer circumstances of our lives. Dreams become reality.

I began my practice of Magick by gathering power to make profound and meaningful change in my life. Change is transformation. Transformation is Magick. My daily practice of Magick empowers me to release fear, guilt, shame and regret; to live a life marked by creativity, presence, enrichment, gratitude and love.

Roughly five years ago I encountered, by chance, an urban sorcerer, a Don Juan-esque character of exquisite power and insight. He pointed me toward a path whereby I realized that there are more choices than just two – an entire spectrum of possibilities that exist between black and white, good or bad, right and wrong.

This new understanding – put into practice – provided a freedom to navigate my life away from fear, drama, pain and victimhood. I realized I was not a leaf at the mercy of the wind. I was not helpless. I have a say in my life and I choose to not suffer.

I questioned cultural constructs and ideologies that I realized were not my own. I considered truths outside my comfort zone. I transitioned to a plant-based diet. The effect of these changes on my mind, body and soul were powerful and profound.

Since that time I have read many books about magick and spirituality and have practiced healing arts with sacred tools such as entheogens, essential oils, crystals, amulets and charms.

Allow me share this wisdom and provide you with the sacred tools you need to progress on your quest for magick, consciousness and change. May your journey be one filled with wonder, growth, serenity and surrender.