Bespoke Sorcery

Amulets Exude
Power Imbued
Finely Tuned
To Achieve
What’s Pursued

Amulets are powerful sacred objects used in everyday magick.

Amulets have traditionally granted the practitioner protection against darkness, danger and disease.  Nowadays sorcerers look to their amulets to assist them in achieving whatever magickal goal they desire.


Once an amulet is crafted and charged, it will emanate its own power. That power will positively affect the practitioner upon wearing it, aligning them to the energy of their goal. Wearing it with intent will bring the goal closer to manifestation. Even if the practitioner is not consciously focused on their goal, the charged amulet will be.

Magickal amulets are crafted with stones and feathers I find on daily walks and 100% natural hemp chord. I reinforce my intent with the natural energy of the feathers and stones to charge each amulet individually. Read the description of each piece to understand its powers and capabilities. Once the amulet has found its forever home, it can be charged additionally according to the practitioner’s desire.

We create and craft bespoke magickal amulets. For these items, I am available for a consultation – as well as provide a questionnaire – to determine what your specific goals and desires may be. I will then create an amulet infused with magickal intent and your needs in mind. The feathers, stones and colors I select will correspond directly to the fine energy needed to help you achieve your goal. As an extra service I will develop a spell complete with incantations to charge and cleanse your amulet.

Heirloom Amulets

 Do you have a sentimental family heirloom taking up space unused? As an added service I can create an amulet crafted from a family heirloom, which is already rich with energy of your families ancestry. See the image below. This Amulet of Peacock feather and lapis luzuli stone carries energy of beauty, regeneration, self-confidence, peace, healing and courage to the person wearing the Amulet as well as the family in the photo. 

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All products created by Bespoke Sorcery are crafted and formulated environmentally and substainably,