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Creating a Charm 
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Charms are Objects of Magick Power

Charms are objects of magick power that are charged with specific intent to generate and radiate a specific energy. This energy will aid the practitioner in his or her magickal practices. These charms are then strategically placed in an area of power to serve as a vivid reminder of the practice. The presence of these charms will recharge and revitalize the energy of the practitioner.

Charms can be utilized during spells and rituals to further cultivate energy and power to the ceremony.

My bespoke charms are handcrafted with sacred tools: crystals, feathers, beads, nature’s seeds and color magick. Each tool is carefully selected with a specific intent meant to bless and energize a living space. My charms are charged to be both healing and protective.

A Dream Catcher is a well-known charm crafted from feathers, beads and sometimes crystals.

Placing these charms above the bed can help in rituals designed to entrap nightmares (until the light of the morning melts them away) and drip positive dreams down to the dreamer through the feathers, beads and crystals.

All of the feathers I use in crafting my charms have been sourced on my early morning walks and then cleansed for magickal use. Each charm was created with a specific intent in mind and holds a specific power and energy.

I would be pleased to create a bespoke charm to aid you in whatever spiritual and emotional support that you desire. The tools I use for my charms range from feathers, natural wood, gifts from the forests, crystals, beads and magical symbols. Each piece on the charm represents magical symbolism – and carries the energy – to aid in bringing about your goal.

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All products created by Bespoke Sorcery are crafted and formulated environmentally and substainably,