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Spiritual Speech
– Sacred and Didactic –
an Infallible Tactic
to Unleash
Powerful Magick

Mantras have Origins in Hinduism and Buddhism

Mantras are a collection of words, sounds or phrases spoken with the intent of connecting to our spiritual core and synchronizing the mind, body and soul in intense and focused concentration and meditation.

Words are important. Words are, in fact, the building blocks of how we construct reality. How they’re used are vitally important, as enlightened use of words lead us to joyful, peaceful states. Misuse of words propel us into dark states.

Mantras can be used to reprogram the mind out of negative thought patterns and to develop more fruitful, peaceful and joyful ones. With enough personal power and intent mantras can rewire our minds and help us to evaluate life from deeper perspectives of less suffering and more compassion and gratitude. Freedom is granted from these beautiful thoughts allowing thoughts of creative ideas.

Mantras are used in spells and rituals to state intent of a goal and to begin the motion of manifestation by speaking the mantra aloud, with force and reverence.

Mantras can maximize the use of sacred tools during ceremonies, such as crystals and essential oils. For example, Ylang Ylang oil can be used for dreamwork, creativity or attracting love. An effective mantra – coupled with visualization – will target the specific use that will work in harmony with the oil.

The more powerful the visualization, the more powerful the intent, the more powerful is the mantra. Each time a mantra is spoken and felt at the core, the very purpose and focus of the mantra becomes more manifest in ones life.
Mantras can be performed weekly or hourly with or without a spell or ritual. The goal is to keep the practitioner aligned with the energy and vibration he or she is trying to attract.
I find mantras extremely helpful. I set alarms that go off every hour, on the hour, during the day to remind me to practice my mantras and to keep my thoughts – and therefore my life – steeped in positivity and joy.
I can develop mantras for your day to day use to help you align with your lighter, truer self.

Price is available upon request. Contact me today.

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