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Poems are Inspired in a State of Connection and Catharsis.

An inspired poem’s unique combination of words, rhythms, sounds and images collectively convey the essence of an emotion or breakthrough, which could be difficult to otherwise express. Poems can deepen communication and intent to levels of exquisite profundity. Poems are exceptionally powerful tools when it comes to the practice of magick.

Poems can powerfully stimulate emotional and intellectual responses when their truths are finally discovered. The practitioner will utilize the form of the poem to induce vivid visualizations. These visualizations – in recitation – can lead to epiphanies and awakening of new understandings.

For this reason, poems should be used in spells and rituals to induce and nurture positive frequencies like self-affirmation, encouragement and love attraction. Poems are ideal for memorials, small celebratory gatherings, and building energy within an intimate group.

In fact, because of their transformative nature, poems are powerful tools of word magic for building power to reach a specific outcome. Adding music to poems to allow the freedom of singing is another heightened form of magickal empowerment.

I can create a bespoke poem for you based on any outcome you desire. Upon request I will compose an accompanying musical theme so that the poem can be sung. As poems work optimally in the midst of a spell or ritual,

I will conduct a brief interview and questionnaire to assist me in developing a simple, personal, poem spell. This poem spell can and should be used daily and will include other sacred tools of your use. 


Price is available upon request. Contact me today to schedule a consultation. 

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