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If you’re ready to create positive change in your life through “doing”, I provide bespoke private life coaching and consulting that will offer you a direct route to reclaiming your personal power. Such power is needed to transform your life to one of clarity and action..

My techniques and approach will lay a foundation of understanding and action that will make a positive impact in all areas of your life, from your physical health and career, to your relationships and creative pursuits.

I provide practical solutions to current challenges as well as offer the tools you’ll need to plan and live a healthy, inspired, creative and joy-filled life.

Sessions are held via Skype video.

Transition your understanding of food and nourishment to a healthful, loving and compassionate perspective. Bring your relationship with food into a balance that cultivates energy, self-love and healing of mind, body and soul. Peace begins on your plate when food is your ally.

Cultivating creativity is the secret to a rich, purposeful life. It requires intent, action, dedication and practice. Learn to break free of debilitating thoughts that paralyze us into a state of inaction. Bring power into your life when you transform it from one of consuming to one of creating.

Given the opportunity, our bodies can heal from just about any ailment or injury. Our bodies are our allies. Modern living has caused harm to our bodies. In transforming our thoughts, words and deeds, we build the vital power needed to heal our bodies, our minds and our lives through the simple powerful act of doing

Our physical, emotional and spiritual health are one. Our view of health must acknowledge this fact before we formate a plan to cultivate a long, purposeful and joyful life. The fine matter of our lives is affected by what we think, what we say and what we do. Total health is not something we achieve. It is something we practice.

Our outer environment reflects our inner world. Is it organized? Is it in a state of chaos? Is there lightness or darkness? Is there excess “stuff” or is there room to move around? Inner affects the outer and vice versa. Like the chicken or the egg, which was first? It doesn’t matter. It only matters we act to bring our inner and outer spaces into harmony.

Life is interpretation. How we interpret what happens “to us” – as well as how we respond to what we interpret – is the basis for our joy or our suffering. If we interpret our lives truthfully, we gain presence, the very seed of happiness and the health and creativity that is its byproduct. We achieve presence through substantive practices.

Joyful, enlightened relationships are created from two joyful, enlightened individuals. Bringing an honest, respectful, generous self to the mix is a good beginning. Each individual is responsible for their own portion of the union and duty bound to evolve and transform into their own true self. Relationships are fragile by nature and must be handled with care.

We spend so much of our lives at our jobs. Where we work and how we earn a living matters. We all desire work that is positive, creative and meaningful. Whether we secure the ideal job or one from hell, we’re still tasked with doing our very best work for our own sake. Cultivating healthy practices outside our work can make our jobs more simple and rewarding.

One has a good chance of achieving monetary wealth when tenants of body, mind and soul are balanced and aligned. Miserable people gain wealth but that’s not how we want to do it. Wealth-building requires clarity, presence, honesty, creativity, health, energy, love, compassion, mindfulness and patience. No more than that. Certainly no less. Cultivating such qualities assures us a life of deeper richness in every sense of the word.

Therapeutic Essential Oils
We Provide In-Stock and Bespoke Vegan, Organic oil bends, mists, bath melts and sugar scrubs to enhance physical health and well being.
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Power-Charged Charms
We Provide In-Stock and Bespoke magickal charms infused with intent-filled power and energy to revitalize energy and inspire practice.
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Powerful, Protective Amulets
We Provide In-Stock and Bespoke amulets used for protection and inspiration to achieve personal, career and spiritual goals.
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