Consciousness is the key to manifestation. Awareness of reality and truth helps us move through life with measured choices that will eventually lead to the manifestation of our goals and desires. The path is infinitely continuous as are the rewards. Peacock has manifestation powers and “Om” is the symbol of the ultimate reality and consciousness to support your quest of life.

Chains are handmade with hemp string and/or wire specially for pendant. Chain = 23 inches, Feather is 6 inches long.

All feathers are sourced from my walks in nature around my home.


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    Product Description

    Amulet Powers

    Peacock Feather = Manifestation

    Has have many powers. They encourage dignity, pride, honesty and harmony. This in turn strengthens confidences and enables us to find our true power. Peacock feathers align your energy to beauty and attraction making it a powerful sacred tool to boost love spells. Peacock feather is also strong in manifesting abundance and prosperity. This feather will protect you, increase psychic abilities and provide wisdom. Their feathers are symbols for renewals and fresh starts.

    Om Symbol

    Hindu symbol signifying the essence of the ultimate reality and consciousness.