Psychedelic Psychism

True psychism begins with knowing thy self. Only then can one access his or her inner most treasures and abilities. Understandings of thy self and the obstacles that hold us back are necessary to achieve psychic progress. Peacock feather and crystal quartz are both empowered with psychism. The mushroom symbolizes connection to the spirit realm and inner self. This amulet is charged to provide you psychic support.

Chains are handmade with hemp string and/or wire specially for pendant. Chain = 24 inches, Feather is 3.25 inches long.

All feathers are sourced from my walks in nature around my home.


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Psychedelic Psychism

  • Description

    Product Description

    Amulet Powers

    Peacock Feather = Psychism

    Has have many powers. They encourage dignity, pride, honesty and harmony. This in turn strengthens confidences and enables us to find our true power. Peacock feathers align your energy to beauty and attraction making it a powerful sacred tool to boost love spells. Peacock feather is also strong in manifesting abundance and prosperity. This feather will protect you, increase psychic abilities and provide wisdom. Their feathers are symbols for renewals and fresh starts.

    Crystal Quartz = Psychism

    An empowering stone to aid you in your magickal desires. Furthermore it will provide you protection, healing, power and psychism.


    Connection with spirit and inner self.