Black Hole

“Black Hole” – A larvikite stone charged with the essence of conscientiousness, to inspire space for self-care, and to empower implementation of discipline and positive practices to achieve transformation.

A black hole is a region of space where gravity is so robust that nothing, not even light, can escape from it. This amulet emulates that energy of space to help you attain a level of discipline that is equally fortified.

While wearing the amulet, envision that it is helping you draw your energy inward, rather than draining it outward into the many distractions of life, putting that focus instead on your own journey of health: mentally, emotionally and physically. A journey that can only lead you down a path of someplace good, thus enriching your life.


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    Silver 21.5 inches, Silver 23.5 inches, Silver 26 inches, Oxidized Silver 24 Inch, Oxidized Silver 26 inch, Oxidized Silver 28 inch

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