Celestial Charm

“Celestial Charm” – A ring of sterling silver adorned with gems of citrine, ruby and tourmaline, charged with the essence of celestial energy and divine protection, compelling the wearer to move forward peacefully, powerfully and without fear.

Rings are sacred symbols used in spirituality and magick. Their circular nature is symbolic of eternity, unity and the universe. Therefore, rings are protective in nature as they ward off negativity through their circular nature. The attached gemstones each add their own celestial vibration to the protective circle. 

It is easier to cultivate a feeling of powerful peace than trying to overcome fear. Focus on all the ways that you can make peace in your life and experience the intensity of anxieties and fears melt away.


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Sterling Silver - 21.5 Inches

Sterling Silver - 23.5 Inches

Sterling Silver - 26 Inches

Oxidized Sterling Silver - 24 Inches

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Oxidized Sterling Silver - 26 Inches

Oxidized Sterling Silver - 28 Inches

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    Silver 21.5 inches, Silver 23.5 inches, Silver 26 inches, Oxidized Silver 24 Inch, Oxidized Silver 26 inch, Oxidized Silver 28 inch

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