Fang of Fortitude

“Fang of Fortitude” – A crazy lace agate charged with intention to overcome obstacles, and wrapped in copper to conduct courage in the face of adversity.

Sit or lay down in a comfortable, safe position. Hold the fang between two fingers and let your jaw hang loose and relax. Breathe into that jaw relaxation. Then let the mind shift to another area that is tight. Repeat this process, visualizing a breath of courage smoothing out and fortifying each tight area.

May the pendant be a reminder that when we consciously ease our tension, we are creating space for our intuition, which will guide us with wisdom on the path of courage no matter what adversity life brings.


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Sterling Silver - 21.5 Inches

Sterling Silver - 23.5 Inches

Sterling Silver - 26 Inches

Oxidized Sterling Silver - 24 Inches

Oxidized Sterling Silver - 26 Inches

Oxidized Sterling Silver - 28 Inches

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    Silver 21.5 inches, Silver 23.5 inches, Silver 26 inches, Oxidized Silver 24 Inch, Oxidized Silver 26 inch, Oxidized Silver 28 inch

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