Loving Rays

“Loving Rays” – A copper-wrapped agate with crystal, charged with the essence of Sun, compelling the wearer to experience solar rays as pure, infinite Love, leading to deep connection to the Universe. Then let your love shine!

Unconditional love is a real phenomenon. It occurs when we give compassion and kindness to a person or thing, without conditions. This is easiest to practice when the conditions are good. When we practice unconditional love our lives become saturated in understanding and abundance.

Even when weather conditions are bad, the sun is continuing to shine its rays. While wearing this amulet, visualize your own loving rays of kindness and compassion emitting from your heart, like the sun’s, regardless of the conditions in your life. Know that that source is just as reachable as the sun’s. All you have to do is walk out your front door and greet it.


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    Silver 21.5 inches, Silver 23.5 inches, Silver 26 inches, Oxidized Silver 24 Inch, Oxidized Silver 26 inch, Oxidized Silver 28 inch

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