Reform Flurry

“Reform Flurry” – A sterling silver-wrapped agate stone with crystal charged with the element of air. This amulet compels the wearer to take deep, intent-filled breaths, reforming negative thoughts and energy by achieving presence.

Thinking of the past leads to regret or depression and thinking of the future leads to anxiety. When we operate in the present we reflect and learn from the past while making strong choices that build a stable future. A powerful practice to cultivate presence is intent-full breathing.

While wearing the amulet, take at least 10 deep breaths. A slow inhale that fills your diaphragm, and then your chest, breathe it out slowly. Imagine that the intake of each breath is a cool, renewing, refreshing stream of air. Feel the hot air in each exhale and know it is the uneasy energy being expelled. Know that any kind of change is possible.



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    Silver 21.5 inches, Silver 23.5 inches, Silver 26 inches, Oxidized Silver 24 Inch, Oxidized Silver 26 inch, Oxidized Silver 28 inch

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