Cosmic Chances

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Add a sterling silver chain for $25. The chain may be oxidized to match your selected amulet.

Have us create a custom magick mantra specifically for you to be spoken while you work with the amulet.


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  • Description

    Product Description

    Cosmic Chances is a snow obsidian wrapped in sterling silver. This multi-dimensional amulet is charged with courage reminding the practitioner of the their limitless capabilities.

    Our possibilities and opportunities are infinite. It is our beliefs that we self-create which determine our limits in every capacity. If we were to change the beliefs that limit us, we could achieve anything we desire.

    Ponder the vastness and age of space. With our existence as young and small as it is, how could we ever think we really knew anything? Ponder ways in which you are limited and realize now that you are the one who has placed those limitations. What kind of cosmic chances could you encounter should you break free, even once, from a limiting belief?

    Considering the size and the mystery of space, anything is possible.

    “Though my feet be mired in suffering may my eyes mirror the stars.”

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