Solar Flower Power

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“Solar Flower Power” – An agate wrapped in copper and charged with the essence of personal power. This amulet activates the wearer’s solar plexus chakra, fortifying confidence and self-esteem. Like a sunflower, be yourself beautifully and powerfully.

The solar plexus chakra is responsible for confidence and self-esteem. This is the chakra where emotional baggage accumulates. Fear of rejection, criticism, and exposure can lead to an imbalance of the solar plexus energy. This chakra is also where your self-power radiates. Fears reduce your self-power and cloud your creative intelligence.

This amulet comes with a 29.5 inch oxidized silver chain. The length of this chain should dangle the amulet over your solar plexus. While wearing the amulet, understand that fears will present themselves, but you have the personal power to keep them in the back seat and to steer the wheel with your own hands, choosing actively, and often, to dissociate from that voice.


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