Sorcerer’s Sage

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“Sorcerer’s Sage” – A powerful copper-wrapped titanium quartz charged with the essence of Cleansing, compelling the wearer to seek and cultivate cleanliness in thought, word, deed, body, space and spirit, promoting healing and cultivation of wisdom.

Our reality is created by the deeds we do in life, which are acted upon from words and thoughts nuturted in our heads. We all have an incessant stream of thoughts which flows consistently throughout our days. When we react negatively to life’s circumstances, we are reacting from that stream. We all also have another consciousness which observes the incessant stream and has the power to navigate the stream, if we let it.

While wearing the amulet, focus on cleansing yourself by making peace with the past and recognizing the illusion of worrying about the future. By cleansing your thoughts you are empowering all of your words and deeds, your reality and your spirit with wisdom.


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